What to do with Walmart guy?

Okay so I have always had a crush on things at Walmart. He's a metal head and when he works, he works hard meaning he is always walking fast, stocking you know doing his job. Any ways acouple of days ago I grew some balls and decided I was going to talk to him. When I finally got the chance to I said quote" yo excuse me, he said yeah? and I said didn't you go to that devil wears prada concert last night? he said yeah I did! and after an awkward few seconds I said by the way I just wanted to tell you that I think your freaking adorable! and I smiled! after I smiled he smiled back at me and he said thanks you really have made my day (he sounded sincere)and . rushed off to get back to work and when he turned around to go in the other direction he passed by me again and we turned around at he same time and we smiled at each other and he walked off. So this is like the FIRST TIME EVER in my life that I have done this so I have never been in a situation like this before so now I don't know how to approach the situation. should I wait and see what he does or should I ask him if he is going to the of mice and men concert coming up and see if he is going and just put my number down o a piece of paper and give it to him. or should I just try and talk to him now and again the only problem is that he is working he works hard so I think its rude to it there and at concerts its really too loud and hype to really socialize. GOSH I have no idea what to do. O and also I'm 18 I have no idea how old he is but people as young as 18 work there and he looks pretty young. THOUGHTS?!?!?!? I would love any advice. I am truly new to like to stuff like this..
What to do with Walmart guy?
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