I love a guy who has a girlfriend and flirts with many girls. What should I do?

I've been in love with a guy for two years. We are just friends, but from the moment I met him I liked him, and eventually I fell in love.

This year I had the opportunity to get to know him more profoundly and I only fell deeper in love. I found out that my impressions were right: He is absolutely charming. He is smart, handsome, honest, funny and super kind and friendly. My family loves him. He is everything I could possibly ask for.

The problem is: He has a girlfriend but he flirts with me a lot.
I know it's wrong and at first I thought he wasn't really flirting with me, I thought he was just being nice to me (I am not as pretty as his girlfriend) But I recently realized that he does that with many many girls apart from me.

A psychoanalyst told me that he is flirting with many girls (including me) on purpose to get whatever he wants. That he is a player and a womanizer who likes to wear a mask of "The perfect boy".

Other group of friends had already told me that they didn't like him because there was something wrong about him and his attitude.

I don't want to believe that he is a player because I honestly think that he is a good person and I see kindness in him. But I don't know what to do, I love him, I really do.

I know we will never be together because he will never like someone as ordinary as me, but I'm happy just being his friend.

What should I do?
Should I listen to my friends and stay away from him before I get hurt, even though I love him?
Should I stop his flirting and remind him to respect his girlfriend?
Should I pursue him?
Should I keep being friends with him?

Please tell me what you think about the whole situation and give me some advice. I really need it. I have never felt something so strong for someone. I don't know what to think, do, or expect.
Thank you.
I love a guy who has a girlfriend and flirts with many girls. What should I do?
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