He's taking my flirt jokes literally... ?

I casually see this guy, we flirt a lot, but lately he's been taking my jokes literally... I think they are pretty obvious but he either is ignoring the sexual insinuation or he doesn't get it? One of them he said he was going to beat me at this game so I put "beat me with... ?" And normally he would get where I'm heading but he just came up with a way he was going to win. Then later he sent me a snap of him messing with a revolver and I replied with a sexy pic of my lips and put "I want to play with your gun..." But he just replied, "Sure, you can if you want to." And took a pic of his food. Is he purposefully ignoring my flirting or is he not getting it?
He gets it, he's probably just ignoring them.
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He probably doesn't get it.
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He's taking my flirt jokes literally... ?
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