Second date or hangout?

Hey friends!

after chatting and really connecting with a tinder match, we met up and had a really great time at a lunch place! The next day I left for school, and just got back home the other day. We're planning on meeting back up this week but I'm just wondering if it's more of a date or a hangout.

Info to suggest its a date
-we talk non stop every day by text, use lots of emojis and teasing language
-we talk about a lot of really in depth stuff but it's harder to do so by text
-he's made lots of plans to hang out with me at different festivals and events throughout the summer
-we have so much in common it's crazy

info to suggest we're just friends
-he talks about his ex every once and a while, and I can tell he's not over that whole deal
-he screenshoted me a weird girl he oversaw on tinder

I'm 20 but sort of new to the whole dating scene. We're goingn to another lunch spot, but I was thinking we could maybe browse a neighbouring record shop and stroll by the lake?

Just buddies
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+1 y
Okkkkk we hung out today - still no touching really lol what am I missing here?

I'll be back from school in a month, and he said we'll hang out then but that seems like so long.
Second date or hangout?
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