Is she flirting with me, what should I do?

Hey, So I know this girl and she is very affectionate towards me, more so than her other guy friends, and not just affectionate but PHYSICALLY affectionate, (hugs, blowing kisses, squeezing/pinching/poking/rubbing/intentionally bumping me/biting on my shoulder and some other things that happened a while back but still were things I feel could be construed as flirting, Like touching my butt (she hasn't done that in a while though), all of this has really amped up since right around Valentine's Day, I just can't believe she's flirting with me, is she or she just being really friendly. I don't know I feel like she is flirting but in my head I feel like she isn't, but why would she be doing that with a guy she didn't have interest in. she always tells me she loves me / loves me more. I'm so confused I don't know what's going on but it's kind of hot I won't lie to you. so is this all in my head that she is flirting with me ( cuz I don't think if she just thought of me as a friend she would call me man meat and nibble my damn shoulder during a gigantic bear hug that I would never give a friend of the opposite sex personally). but I really don't know I'm piss poor when it comes to reading signals that she likes me or that she doesn't like me, its pretty bad.
Is she flirting with me, what should I do?
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