is he just a tease?

I need a guys point if view on this.

So I work at a bar and I have a thing for the bouncer I work with. A few weeks ago my drunk friend let it slip that I have feeling for him, and ever since then he's been more bold with his flirting.
He is constantly touching me now, and putting cold mugs against my arm when he walks by. And when we were watching movies at his house he put his head in my lap and told me not to be nervous. He also said that he thinks it's hot when I get scared because I hold my breath and breathe heavy when I feel relieved"
He always teases me when we bicker about something by saying "this is what a relationship involves, you can just walk away."
I've also heard him tell mutual friends of ours that he thinks I'm hot. And he is constantly coming up with excuses why we shouldn't date, but I feel like he's trying to convince himself rather than me. For example a crazy girl threw a beer mug at me and it hit me in the chest. After he threw her out he said " this is why we shouldn't date. If she would've hit my girlfriend I would have had to kicked her ass"

My question is, in your opinion does he actually like me or does he just want me to want him?
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I forgot to mention that heis also absolutely terrified of my father. Who just happens to be our boss.
He thinks if something went wrong with our relationship than my dad would kill him. But honestly my parents have never really been too involved with my relationships.
Especially my dad. It's like we have a mutual understanding: I don't tell him and he doesn't get involved
is he just a tease?
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