My brother's mate of 20 years has been asking me out for years. Help?

But cos we all grew up together I didn't believe him so said no. Now after 4 years of asking I've agreed ok. My brother is against it & said no way, he's a perv etc but my brother has hated all my exes whereas Im lovely to all his, even horrible ones. This guy is a good friend & not pervy at all. We spent a few weeks together & now dating, only on 1st date he was all sex, but not now, calmed down. He is rude in bedroom but nice outside. Only red flag is he sill chats to his ex (they split 5 year ago) he does still have a pic of them. But he has told me he's wanted me for years & wants us to be together finally. He insists on hand holding etc & said he wants me as permanent girl & wife. Brother says he thinks hell hurt me but guy says he's different when with his girl. He did admit he missed his ex but doesn't want her. What the hell am I meant to do? He came home and we he likes relaxing cos his job is so busy. I don't trust anyone cos my ex destroyed me - but what do I do? Give him a chance or what?

These are his messages:

I don't want someone else to start dating you before I make it crystal clear to you that I want you as my mrs! Iv waited so long I don't care anymore what the set up is anymore as long as me and you get together! I'm posted to........ these days which is near hull. It's a fare ol way away but when has life ever been really kind to anyone and put the cards on the table in my favour before . Xx

Omg could not be any more wrong! I wanted you as mine in school! I'm still feel like I do now as I did then for you so I'm getting on with what my heart is telling me to do for a change..

He was very flirty for past 4 years but now he's calmed down now we are together. he's not all about sex which I thought he would be but could he be using me cos his ex still chats to him. He did like pictures of her on her facebook account which I didn't like at all!! But he has said they parted as friends n he doesn't hate her
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I wouldn't mind so much, but the reason im dubious of my brother is cos I saw a message from him to his mate saying 'Nobody dates my sister' so everybody I have ever dated he has ignored point blank and said he's not interested in any of them. He wouldn't even speak to any guy I've ever dated yet Im meant to be lovely to all his choices. Its like he wants me to stay single for ever!
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Its no fair cos my brother dates who ever he likes etc then rubs it into me saying 'Haha your have nobody in your life etc' and now its like he doesn't even want me to date.
My brother's mate of 20 years has been asking me out for years. Help?
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