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What was going through his head?

Long term boyfriend and I broke up a month ago. We tried to be friends after but I eventually told him last week that I could not just be friends as it was hurting me to see him and not be able to cuddle..touch.. etc. So I said if he didn't want a relationship with me right now then I couldn't be in his life right now. He did not like the idea of not having me in his life but agreed that some time apart was good. This convo was approximately a week ago. I haven't contacted him since then and last night, I went out for drinks with a friend (ex-boyfriend from years and years ago that has just become a good friend) and my recent ex was there with his friends at a different table across the room. I said hi to one of his friends that walked by me when I first entered the place, so they knew I was there. We sat at opposite ends of the room for an hour or more until he finally got up and went to pay his bill (which is right beside where I was sitting) and did not even look at me. Just paid and left like I wasn't even in the room. I did not realize we were on "ignoring each other in public" terms as we did not leave each other in a fight or anything. Has this situation become more awkward than I thought it was? Why did he not say hi?
What was going through his head?
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