What does this woman want?

I work in a factory, and in a different department there is a pretty married woman. She first started to say hi to me, and did it in front of other guys who flirted with her but ignored them. She is around 35 and married and i am 23. The reason i never really approach her except for smiling and waving is because she is married. At first she used to try to glance at me without me seeing, but now she just looks at me and says hi. Once she called me over to open a trailer door inside and i asked her name and she told me and seemed delighted. She knows she is the best looking woman there and i am a really good looking guy. I dont know if she is just being nice, non meaningful flirting, or wants to bang once or something. Im a white guy with blonde hair and she's a mexican woman who speaks both languages. What should i do? Whats her intentions? And i wouldn't mind hooking up once
What does this woman want?
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