Is he interested or should I leave him alone?

there's a guy that I know of that lives near me we have never spoke but we do know a lot of the same people. We are friends on FB and last Thursday it was my birthday but he mailed me on POF to say happy birthday as he said FB was too impersonal. We were talking about our weekend plans and mine were cancelled last minute so I wasn’t going out but he was going out in the same area so he said he was at his mate’s house on his own and I was welcome to join him. I didn’t get the message until late that night so I apologised and thanked him for the invite. He messaged me back last night to say he was deleting his POF profile because there was too many weirdos on it and said I was a lovely girl and very good looking and that I should have no problem on the site and happy fishing.
Is he giving me the brush off? I dont know whether to try pursue this and message him on FB or not please advise
Is he interested or should I leave him alone?
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