Does my crush like me?

(might be long) So there is this guy. Sometimes he looks at me. So he's in a differnt class for P. E. but we still see eachother in the beginning of class. He's on one side of the gym and i'm on the other so there's 10 feet distance? I can see him staring at me. Even when I move to a differnt location in the gym we stare at eachother for a long time. The thing is though is that when we are in class (There is one person between the two of us) he barely looks at me... He's always near me though... Like I'll talk to the teacher and then he will. we never really talk but he did mimic me once. So I don't know if that "gym stare thing" is him just randomly looking at me class or if he's afriad to stare at me up close.
Does my crush like me?
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