Confused on his motives? help?

Hello okay so first off I'm talking to this guy he is very attracted to me. but I've only for a few short months. He used to text me everyday. I got annoyed because at first I wasn't into him as much as he was to me but I was willing to get to know him more ( he ask me to hangout but I was always too busy )
he finally told me that he doesn't think I like him and I was honest and told him that I would like to be friends with him and see where it goes. he said cool but asked for a date with me. I said yes because I thought I would give him a chance.
.. then days go by he doesn't text or call and I see him on campus talking to another girl listening to music. I told him and he said that it was a friend that has a bf ( yes I did get a little jealous and confused since he asked me on a date and didn't mention it again) out of nowhere he tells me that he's gonna make me his... But he never puts effort to see me on campus. Last time I saw him was a day ago with the same girl and he gave me a hug but he walked off with the girl. He tells me he does talk to girls but I'm the only one he really likes
... yet he won't make the effort I'm confused on what he's doing
Confused on his motives? help?
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