What is going on with this guy, and what do I do?

My crush is a guy I've been friends with for all of high school, and now we're seniors. We get along well, and I told him I like him a week before we left for Spring Break. But, when I told him I chickened out and told him we don't have to talk about it, and avoided talking about it. Since then he's been even nicer, but I've been too shy to talk about it, and gave him my number the day we left for break. His phone isn't the best though, super slow and not a smart phone.

He hasn't texted yet, and it worries me a little. But we're in a poke war on Facebook, which he doesn't go on for actual amounts of time. So far I'm planning on feeling/looking amazing the first day back, feeling him out, and finally having the lady-balls to talk to him about it. Or ask him on a legitimate date instead of "let's hang out some time." Is there something I'm missing?
What is going on with this guy, and what do I do?
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