Should I try a little hard with this girl?

I have posted previously about how to approach this girl that I am attracted to at this place I frequent. Well I decided to test the water a little bit. When I place my order they ask you for your number to pull your name up in their system. So I just joked with her that if I give her my number she would have to give me hers, she laughed and so did I. After placing my order and talking for a split second I mentioned that she seems busy, and that she must have a hard time finding free time for herself to have fun. In the same breath I mentioned that her boyfriend must be upset since she is seems always busy. She gave a quick laugh almost can be passed off as a nervous laugh , like I hope he doesn't try to ask me out or something along those lines and she kind of mumbled yeah. I don't know if she meant she had a boyfriend or what. So I left it at that, because I don't know if I should even bother pushing it and actually asking her out.

Should I try a little hard with this girl?
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