Should I just re-add him, or let it go?

So I have been sort of bitchy to this guy, and he most certainly deserves it but he has shown remorse for his actions.

The problem, of course, is that I like him.

I've been feeling sort of... exhausted for my hatred toward him.

I deleted him, and then later blocked him.

See, I don't know whether he likes me, and he may think I'm really complicated for the way I've chosen to handle the situation. Maybe I should just forget about the whole thing.

What I thought of doing is sending him a polite message, (with un-blocking him), that just said Hope all is well with him, I'm sorry for freaking out, and I wish him well.

Unfortunatley considering everything it may make him think I'm interested which I'm not.

+1 y
I'm sort of jealous of him... that's what's making me miserable.

Not of him with another girl, of him in itself.

I hate this feeling of jealousy, I'd rather just forgive him, think well of him, and move on.
+1 y
IS it unhealthy for me to re-contact him? I think he may have a girlfriend now so if he thinks I'm interested which I'm not, it may cause drama
Should I just re-add him, or let it go?
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