Should I text her more often?

I'm a 22 years old student

Until late 2012 I had an average, perhaps a little below average social life. But from then on i cutted it to almost zero, keeping in touch with very few friends (and even those, i would only see them once in every 4 months or so). I lost touch with everyone else

A month ago these friends came to visit me one weekend. I tought that was very nice of them (again, since I haven't seen them in a long while). That day I realised there were other people I would love to hear from. And that it was my time to try to reach them. I have been doing so in these past few weeks

The last one was a girl I have a crush on (I know it's foolish to say that since I don't see her for so long, but I do). I texted her on FB to ask her how she is doing. She texted back and we talked that night for hours in a very friendly way, and continued the next day. In the end I said goodbye and that I enjoyed very much talking to her. And she said she liked talking to me too and for me to feel free to text her anytime I want (but I think that's her being friendly, to let me know the next time I'd wanna check on her, like in two months or so, to feel confortable to do so)

It's been two weeks and I'm dying to talk to her again, but I'm afraid doing it so soon would be strange. Like, I haven't talked to her in almost three years and now, all of the sudden, would text her 2 times in two weeks.

What do you think, should I give it more time, or should I text her more often?
Should I text her more often?
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