How to go up and talk to a "loner" quiet girl I don't know?

There is this girl that, to make it a short question, is really, really pretty. She's tall (a few centimeters taller than me I'd say), long straight blonde hair, don't see her smiling much (Adds to the mystery and I love it), and she dresses very non-revealing (Not big coats and shit, but there is like no skin showing, and overall she's really, really, quiet and she is always alone so it's not like I have to go through a bunch of friends to talk to her. I have curly hair, always wear band shirts (70s bands, mostly Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin), always wear a dark blue Led Zeppelin zip-up hoodie (Because my wrists are really small haha), I wear baggy blue jeans (Non-sagging), and black/brown vans. If I went up to her and said "Hey" and then said "You are probably wondering why I'm talking to you" and then I'd explain how I'm a bit antisocial and quiet (Which I am to an extreme level) and then I'd ask her if she wants to have a conversation (Since she is quiet), and then if she says no problem then I ask her a few questions about herself like what music she listens to etc... Good plan? I'm not going completely with this so it's more natural
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How to go up and talk to a "loner" quiet girl I don't know?
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