Are we meant to be together? Advice?

I like this guy that works at this restaurant my mom and I go to on the weekends we are the same age. We met when I literrally fell into his arms, and could not stop staring at smiling at each other. Since that day when we see each other all we do is stare at each other, and smile. He talks to my mom when we are in there, because I guess since we never talked to each other he feels nervous, and does not know how to start a conversation with me. There is just something about us... when I see him I feel like he is the one, because I start getting feeling that I have never felt before it is like magic. He will always try to find a way to be around me (serving my table even though he is not my server, waiting for me to finish my drink so he can come over, or just to have a conversation with my mom) It is crazy because it is like we are meant for each other or something, because we keep getting drawn to each other like a magnet. I come on a day when he is not working, and magically his friend gets sick, and he fills in for his friend. Or we would magically bump into each other. Since we met the first day we have been randomly crossing each other's paths. I see him almost everywhere I go. If I decided to go to the store at this time on this day... he is there at the same time, and we will bump into each other. If I decide to go to starbucks at this location at this time on this day... we bump into each other. If i decided to go to the fair on this day at night, and decide to stop to get a hotdog... he will be there getting a hot dog too. It is crazy how much we bump into each other, and not know each other is going to be there. For a moment we both thought we were following each other, but it is just like fate is driving us to each other. I was going to send him a request on instagram, because since we always see each other we might as well be friends, but I do not want him to think I am stalking him. Why do we keep bumping into each other? Is this a sign we are supposed to be together? Advice
Are we meant to be together? Advice?
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