Why is this guy acting so weird?

So there's this guy and we started talking casually, sending pictures and calling each other cute and what not. He started calling me babe too which I never paid much mind too either way. We started sexting a little too, then he stopped talking to me every day so I thought maybe he cut me off.. okay, then he texted me like two days later and said hey, then he does that and just stops texting back. He texted me Saturday and we had like a 5 minute conversation and then he stopped replying completely then he texted me "hey babe" today and I said hey, and he said (3 hours later) how are you, I said good how are you, he said good, I said that's good and I tried making more of a conversation and he just read it and didn't reply.

like I'm not even hurt I'm just confused like what's the point of even texting me? Lol
Why is this guy acting so weird?
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