How to make it clear I like him when we work at an office?

I've been interning at my dream company for the past few months, which is awesome. Even more awesome, there's a super cute guy who works in my department, is just a few years older than me, and is clearly into me. The problem is, I have no idea how to make it clear that I like him back without getting one, or both, of us in trouble. While the company we work at is pretty relaxed, I have no doubt in my mind that interns dating employees is frowned upon. It's super hard for me to interact with him without other people overhearing. Both of us have cublicles, and his is literally right next to my supervisor's office (and she keeps her office door open all the time). I've tried inviting him to lunch, but other peope usually overhear and just assume it's a department lunch (our department is very small) and invite themselves. We have e-mail and IM on our cubicle computers but they are monitored by the company. I think he thinks I don't like him, because I don't always flirt back with him since I am so worried about messing it up for both of us, but I do like him a lot! He's super sweet, has a lot of the same nerdy interests I have, and just generally seems to have a lot of the qualities I would want in a potential partner. I have a month left for my internship, and I'm worried he's going to give up on me before then. How do I make it as clear as possible that I like him without anyone else catching on? Help!!!
How to make it clear I like him when we work at an office?
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