Guys, do you like confident, sassy & funny girls?

I come across as confident but am really self-conscious about how I look (don't worry I don't spend ages whining about how big my butt looks or whatever lol), I'm quite sassy and will be quick to defend myself and I think I'm funny - I make a lot of guys laugh. I slim & reasonably good looking (I don't know how to rate myself on a scale from one to ten) like I have blue eyes, pale skin & dark brown hair that has natural blond highlights. I'm an average height for my age and I dress trendy. Whenever I talk to guys they'll have a conversation with me and we'll laugh and stuff but they always seem to friend zone me. I'm assuming its because of my personality because I'm not ugly.
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A lot of you think it's because of my looks so I guess you can base it on my profile pic.
Guys, do you like confident, sassy & funny girls?
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