Guys, how to know if a boy likes me or we're just friends?

I just moved to a new school and I met this guy, who's not close to many girls, in fact one or two friends that are girls only. We have 3 or 4 classes together and we're quite close. He always teases me if he has chances (eg playing with my pens, pencils or use his head to block my view or just simply teasing but never in a mean way). There have been some moments that my friends think that it might be more than just friends:

1. A friend of mine offered him a cookie but he said no. When I came in and she gave it to me, while I wasn't looking, he grabbed, ate it and laughed at me. And we hit each other not in a violent way.

2. There was one time he was tapping on my head and previously when he talked to me, he put his hand on my shoulder or arm.

3. I was sneezing (it seemed like I was sick) and the teacher asked me if I was okay. He was sitting behind at that time, he immediately grabbed the tissue box, called me by hitting the box on my shoulder and waited for me to get the tissue. He's never been that nice to girls so I was really surprised.

As I observe, he doesn't do that to any girl and he's not the type of person going around to flirt with girls. However, all of that only happens at school and we rarely talk online. So I'm not sure if we're just close or there is something more than that. In front of his friends, he always seems so mean but without them, he is really sweet. Please help me.
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For the number 1: When I came in class, my friend gave the last cookie to me. I left it on my table (I was sitting next to him) and went to talk to another friend. When I came back, it disappeared. Yeah he "helped" me eat it without asking me.
Guys, how to know if a boy likes me or we're just friends?
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