He's a flirt but?

I have a crush and today we were just talking until some of my friends came over. (They dont know i like him). One of them states that we're too cute and that we should just date already. Another asks if he likes me, to which he replies," No i don't i just have a flirtty attitude." However, he always hangs out with me the most, we call and text often, he randomly invites me to hang out with him, comes right away if i needed help (without asking or asking), he always gives me hugs or asks for them, does a lot of physical contact such as touching my arm or hand or leading me through the crowd, and he even tied my shoelaces without me asking. I also never have seen him actually flirt with any other girl or go to this extent. I don't really know if he likes me back and what I should do like stop liking him or to continue on? Please help?
He's a flirt but?
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