I met up with this man and we hit off. Is he interested or not?

I met up with this man and we hit off, spoke the whole night and he even was nice enough to take me back home on the train at night, that's a big trip
I see him a few times after that, we have personal jokes, I really like him and that's a big thing because I hardly meet anyone whom I feel a strong connection with and when I do its special for me
I told him on one of our last dates that I do like him a lot and he told me he likes me too though his never been in a relationship before, his 23
He lives with his brother and has his commitments, work and university
We texted a lot and it came to a stop, a week later when he wasn't replying to my texts, I just called him and asked him what happened?
When I called he seemed annoyed like he didn't want to talk to me and I just said ill leave if that's the case and he told me to stay though it didn't get better
He said his phone had to be replaced as it was damaged and he doesn't have any credit on the new one at the moment
I understand, ask if he wants to catch up soon.. he says he does but to just get him on the phone before I come just in case something comes up.. I call him, he never answers and the plan didn't work out
I called him again feeling stupid but I enjoy talking to him and I just wanted to speak to him again, he sounded happy to talk to me this time, it was a good conversation and then he said he will text me this wednsday or Thursday because he should have a phone connection by then.
He didn't, should I call him back?
Im not really sure if he wants to talk to me when im making all the moves, Im worried I might be coming off to strong or maybe his just being nice to me and doesn't want to break it to me. Im really not sure.
I messaged him a couple of days ago on whatsup, when it said he was online and it usually shows when they are last available.. it doesn't anymore and apparently that means that the person has blocked you.
ugh I just really like him and this situation is fustrating
I met up with this man and we hit off. Is he interested or not?
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