Does teasing always means flirting?

We are both in grade 12. So in my English class, I have to work on this research project with two other guys. They are both nice but one I think might be flirting with me. I like him, but I have no idea if he likes me back or if he knows that I like him.

He is known as the class clown, because he jokes around a lot. But at points he can be sincere and kind. He is very open and friendly to others, he has caught me looking at him a few times.

Here's some things he had done:

* In the corner of my eyes, he was fixing his hair. I don't know if he knows that I had looking or not.

* His body is pointed towards mine, even when he turns his head to work on the computer,

*When I look at him, he keeps looking at me.

* He always has his legs apart?

* He sometimes acts grumpy around me.

*He occasionally compliments on me.

* He teases me a lot. For example the other day, I forgotten to hand him some papers and I told him that I was having one of those days. He had said " sounds like every single day you have" I don't know if he is being rude or just a ass hole. Then he gotten all quiet until he had told me to stop looking at my phone at the end of class. I had told him that I had to meet up with someone at lunch, and he had given me this mocking" Excuse me".

I don't know. He in some ways seems to hate me, what did I do to him? Or is it because he likes me?
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Does teasing always means flirting?
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