Guys, should I ask him out or is that too aggressive?

I've had a few friendly conversations with him, he seems just as comfortable talking to me as I am with him and I want to just spend some time with him but I'm not sure if asking him out is too aggressive since I don't know him too well. And I also don't have his number... -__-
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+1 y
Hey thanks guys! You're right, I'm just gonna be straight with him. I've heard that guys hate when girls try make progress with little clues/games, guys would rather have girls be upfront anyway? Im gonna do it :D
+1 y
Update: I asked him to hang out, he took my number and said he'd text me details of a party this weekend. I later realised I had already told my sis I'd visit her but I had to wait til the guy texted me two hours before the party so I could tell him I couldn't make it bc I never got his number. I texted him the next day saying thanks again for the invite, sorry I couldn't make it but maybe we can figure something out? but I haven't heard from him. So good news is I got his number but now.. :/
Guys, should I ask him out or is that too aggressive?
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