Does this girl like me, or not?

Me and this girl have only been friends for a month, but it seems that she wants more.
Basically we became friends when i agree to do her a favor by giving her a ride to the college we both go to became she is along the rought. And i also help her with a lot of her school work that i am familiar with. Sometimes she hugs me as i do things for her and says "you are so sweet for doing this for me, thank you." she touches me often without warning.
And most evident that she likes me is that after she came to me telling me she passes a test because of me. She put her hands on the side of my face and lowered my head to hers untill our foreheads touched, she said "thank you so much for helping me."
Does this girl like me? Or am i just reading too much into it?
I think i could date this girl.
She likes you.
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Does this girl like me, or not?
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