Guys, I need help I'm really confused?

So there's this kid l and he's always really touchy and flirty with me. He acts like he's truly intrested in me. All my friends think he is too. He looks at me in a way nobody else does. He is really different around his friends though , the other day when his friend asked about me and him he said " No she's ugly" It made me feel really upset because he always makes me think he likes me. I saw him with other girls previously before he said that to his friends and he doesn't act the same way around them as he does with me. Where always flirting in the halls and it confuses me why he would say that.. I`ve never been called ugly before by a guy. Does he like me and he's just trying to hide it? Or did he mean it when he called me ugly? I don't know what to do when i see him in school on Monday.. What should i do?
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anyone else have opinions?
Guys, I need help I'm really confused?
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