I need ideas of what to message him?

It's been about 5 days since we spoke last. I was seeing him for 2 months and on the weekend I definitely came across as clingy messaging too much and when he replied short to me said 'you don't have to talk if you're not interested..' I called him rude when he didn't reply and then messaged again and apologised.
(Also that night we were meant to have sex for the first time but plans had to be changed)
I'm really embarrassed because I'm not that kind of person, I actually want things to be simple and fun between us- regardless I learned my lesson.

Anyway it's been about 5 days. I've been keeping busy and he hasn't contacted me.
I just wanted to talk normally again but I want to send something casual which he would reply to.
What do you think if you were in his shoes?
Just hey? How's your week been? Asking him to hang out maybe?
He's viewed my snapchat story whenever I've posted anything and liked something on Facebook
I need ideas of what to message him?
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