Why would he keep staring at me?

I seen this guy at an interview for Chipotle, I went to go fill my cup and the guy was right there just looking at me, so I smiled at him and I don't remember if he smiled back or not, anyway I took my seat on the other side of the drink fountain thing (it's in the middle of the restaurant) I was waiting for the manager and he finally comes and I end up sitting next to the guy who was staring at me. (I thought this guy looked so familiar and the manager pointed out that we go to the same school) couple weeks pass by and I don't see this guy at school and we have a fire drill at school and I'd seen him outside on the other side of the sidewalk and we would keep looking over at each other a lot. Another couple weeks pass by and I don't see him until this last Thursday, I'd seen him in the hallway but he didn't see me. Then a couple hours later (during my lunch) i was headed up to the 4th floor and I have some minutes before class starts so I'm outside with my best friend talking to her and then all of a sudden I see him again and my heart gets all excited, there were no butterflies, I just felt so happy. So anyway, I'm towards the end-middle of the hallway, he's in the middle. I'd never seen him up there but I knew he was testing (he's a sophomore I'm a junior) when he was up there he was near the restroom and I'm near my class which is just by the restroom. He's with a friend and his friend is facing him and they're both talking to each other and the guy is facing in my directions and keeps looking at me. So yeah we just keep looking over at each other and I have to go to class and I know I won't see him again because testing takes a couple of hours but I was just so eager and couldn't sit still.
I think I might like him a little. I don't know why! He's cute in an foreign way because he's Salvadoran (like me) and Korean. I usually don't like guys who ar just cute. He gives me a really good vibe and I just like it. But seriously why do you think he'd keep staring at me? I don't think it'd be because I'm ugly lol
Why would he keep staring at me?
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