How do I get this girl who likes me?

This girl i really like I've seen her the almost every day this week. the next day the pool then went out to eat and then she came over my friends place the next day again and chilled for a while. Me and my friend went to dinner with her and her sister. And then back at home we were watching a movie and asked if I wanted to sit by her and kept saying I was the nicest person here in front of other guys. Kept looking at me a lot. And my friend texted me saying I think she likes you the following day. But we talked for a while at the pool again. While In the sauna and when everyone else left she asked if I wanted to stay in the sauna with her and then she still kept looking at me and she kept tryna high five me and try holding my hand for a while like 3 diff times. I've seen her a lot the past few weeks. does she probably like me? and how should i ask her out? (theres a lot more to it) And last night at the store we hung out and when i was trying to pay she swiped her card and paid for me. at the store in front of another one of my friends she was saying again (every time i see her) I'm the nicest guy here and I'm her best friend. We hangout in the car for a little after and she was looking back at me in the back a lot. i tried to offer her 20 for paying after and she wouldn't take it. previously before she left my friends house she gave me a hug and i had asked for her # and she gave me it. what do you think? I'm worried if she talks to another guy or something. and how to make a move.
How do I get this girl who likes me?
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