Does she like me?

Ok, here it goes.
Me and this girl have been friends for a good few weeks now at school (I'm 14 by the way). We see each other pretty much every single school day and talk. We get along perfectly; help each other out, work together, etc.
Erm, well this is the thing...
Rumours by my friends are saying that she likes me, which came as a shock because, well, I like her too. But I SERIOUSLY lack confidence. I would honestly ask her out in some way but I just can't! People have told her that I liker her but I do think she would want to hear it from me to be sure (my friends tend to joke around with each other).
But I want to be 100% sure she does like me, before I take this any further (If I can :/ )
She looks at me in lessons and I usually smile at her, but other times she looks away quickly. If I see her with my friends she would ask me to go with her instead.

So my question is, do you think she likes me? And how do I take it further?
Any responses will be greatly appreciated :)
Does she like me?
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