Girls, how do I approach this girl I like?

I've been in school with this girl since kindergarten. Her name is Rachel. But i barely know her. This year, i don't have ANY classes with her. But i discovered that i have a MAJOR crush on her a while ago. But anyways, i feel as if i should get to knoe her better before i make a move. But now, after not having any classes with her, i may have found an opening. I recently became part of a new circle of friends that is a combination of a few of my guy friends and a few girls. My friend Gavin linked with his GF, Hailey's, friend group. So now it consists of me, my best friend Kenny, Gavin and Hailey, her best friend Macy, Rachel, and a few other people. I've started to get more comfortable around Hailey and Macy, but whenever i hang out with them all, Rachel is really quiet. I've never had a direct conversation with Rachel, only group conversations in which she was involved. She also will intentionally avoid eye contact with me. Why? I have no idea. I thought maybe its because she is embarrassed to look at me... but that might just be wishful thinking :/
Anyways (sorry for ranting), i have to options:

Option 1: I try to remain friendly with Rachel, and get to know her better by hanging out with the friend group more often, and hopefully working my way up to getting her number and having one-on-one conversations. The only risk with this is that she may think that i have no interest in her, and that i only see her as a friend, and completely dissmiss the idea of us being together and ruin my chances.
Option 2: I can be an obvious flirt, by staring at her and maybe smiling, and complimenting her, and making it obvious that i like her. The only risk with this is that it may seem as if I'm coming on too strong, because again, i don't know her that well. She might think I'm a creep for flirting since we barely know eachother. Also, it may be hard for me to work up the courage to do these things.

So girls, which do you think i should do? Which would get me better chances with her?
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You don't have to read the whole story. You can skim and read the last two paragraphs and still get the point.

Please tell me which would be a better way to approach this? And please tell why as well?
Girls, how do I approach this girl I like?
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