What does it mean when my crush did this?

she's my crush and weve been through a lot without talking face to face and she's super shy.. the whole year she always sits straight and facing the wall.. but on Friday she moved her whole body to the side for about 5 minutes and laughs.. also after when we had free time.. she moved her chair facing the end of the class so i thought she wanted me to notice her... she makes it clear she likes me.. also she posts love text pictures on her profile on fb and this.. https://m. youtube. com/watch? v=wnCU15pm2S4.. it got me close to crying lol.. she posted this vid first then the day after she did the sitting thing... also before 2 months i was really quiete and not used to the school we talked a bit on fb bit it didn't go well coz i said my feelings autta no were and after i just said lets be only friends and she said sorry i dont want friends wich i agree coz it was creepy and we didn't even know eachother back then.. but i told my self "screw the wasted time imma move on" now i did move on and its been 2 months... also she smiles and put her head down when im near and walking towards her.. i can feel her heart and its like a bond.. also we are from iraq and we live in Canada.. so in our school were the only 2.

What does it mean when my crush did this?
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