How to find this girl again?

I met a girl yesterday in my college.. actually I helped her in a test.. then we talked a little and she went away thanking me.. I then remembered to ask her name... she had already asked mine during our conversation.. She told me her name but it was (bit I don't know) kind of unique name.. I then met her again.. she was with a friend this time.. She introduced me to him and vice-versa.. Then her friend went off.. leaving two of us alone... After that we chatted for some time before parting our ways... And now I even forgot her name... I only remember her course name... is there a way I could meet her again
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Do you think she will try to find me too? I mean she seemed more interested then I was, she even suggested that we have ice-cream together... and I am sure she remembers my name
How to find this girl again?
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