*QUESTION OF THE DAY*... does mt classmate think I like her because two weeks ago I texted her this the day before we met to study?

Two weeks ago, I texted my classmate (who i've known since February & have befriended) the day before we got together to study & said, "I can't wait until tomorrow!!" She responded "Why? Do you really want to study that bad?" I responded, "Haha, no, but I really want to see you." I played off her use of "really want" & used it in my response. She responded, "Cool. See you tomorrow." But knowing how shy she is, that was either a shy and inexperienced response or an annoyed response. We met up to study and she kind of seemed annoyed for the first hour, but then loosened up for the remainder of our study session.

Rewind to the weekend before that (Easter Weekend). I texted her that I had a surprise to giver her on Monday. She responded "What?" I responded, "You'll see tomorrow." She didn't show up to class on Monday, & seemed distant on Tuesday. I ended up texting her a picture of what it was on Wednesday saying I guess you don't want your surprise. It was a polymer eraser that is meant for people who erase a lot (LOL I noticed in class that she erases A LOT & teased her fornit)... she texted back with almost a sigh of relief & laughter that it was nothing but a $0.25 eraser.

Since these two events, she'll seem annoyed in class for like the first 20 minutes, but then she will start glancing at me, & asking for help on questions (I have the highest grade in our class). She is a freshman and I'm a junior. She doesn't have much experience with boys at all as she is an introvert in public. I feel like I'm the first guy she's opened up to like this. Does she think I like her more than a friend? Why does she seem annoyed like that?
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Here's a brief back story going back to Day 1.
In mid-february I made a seat adjustment in one of my classes and sat beside a girl who had been quiet all semester up to that point. We didn't speak the first week, but I introduced myself the following week. I soon began to notice subtle signs of attraction whenever I would come into class. She would twirl and brush her hair behind her ears, pretend to look at the clock but actually get a quick glance of me, randomly smile at me, and fidget.
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We have begun to walk together to the parking lot after class, and she opens up and tells me personal details during these short walks. In mid-march I got her # so that we could schedule a time to meet up before our test. She let it be known early on that she's not a texting person. And I see that now lol, as she never texts first, and keeps texting conversations short (2 to 3 back and forths).
*QUESTION OF THE DAY*... does mt classmate think I like her because two weeks ago I texted her this the day before we met to study?
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