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A while ago I went out with a guy who after two month declared he wasn't ready for a relationship. Don't we all know someone like that?
I went radio silence but bumped into him a week ago. I suggested we could phone each other. He suggested to meet. I accepted. During those two hours he was nervous, trying to impress me, suggested ceveral meet again ideas ( we could go out for lunch, I want to make a boat trip with you) and in the end he hugged me several times and kissed me on the cheek. His last sentence was that I could always call him when my life was too hard ( right now I have some work related Problems) and he would always comfort me. What are his Intentionen?
He is just friendly.
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He feels guilty.
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He hopes to try again
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He hopes to try again but waits for me to make a move.
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Hey, what were you thinking?
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