Is she flirting? Or wanting my attention and wanting me to notice?

I sit inthe very back and she sits in the very front but opposite corners, so no we haven't talked, and the teacher was teaching us and she never turns her body sideways, she usually sits straight and turns her face to the teacher, but in Friday she turned her whole body to the side (what came in mind is she's trying to reveal her face or her body to me so i notice her) also she started laughing with her friend when she did that (i have a feeling she told her friend about me, coz lots happened but i can't tell everything) she kept this for 5 minutes coz itll look creepy and she is shy.. also in the last 20 minutes of class we had free time, her friends ushually come to her desk and sit and talk, but thos time they came to her desk and she moved her table infront of the class on the other side of her deskand talked ( what came in mind is she wants to impress me coz now i can see her whole face and her laughing and talking woth friends, thats what i do and i call it showing off lol) during gym class, we had 2 lines in the opposite corners facing eachother, the teacher was talking.. everyone stands still and doesn't move, me and her are the only ones whi stand and move , i do that coz im nervous coz i can see her clearly.. were the only 2 moving and couldnt stay still, i was standing in the opposite direction line.. everyone i noticed standing still but me and her were moving and stuff and couldnt stay still, lol and everytime she's not lookong i look at her very quick lol... our eyes wonder around and then i meet her face and when she notices i look away lolshe also posted this..

h t t p s:// youtu. be/ wnCU15pm2S4... erast the extra spaces

Is she flirting? Or wanting my attention and wanting me to notice?
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