Exes family member wants to hang out?

I unfriended my exes brother on social media and I guess the brother didn't realize it for a few weeks, because he saw me in public and asked to hangout and when I messaged him in FB messenger I guess he saw we were not friend on there and now won't respond or talk to me. We have been broken up for 6 months. The brother asked me questions about my dating life, work, graduate school, my new apartment and city I live nearby in. Me and him weren't especially close, but we had a solid friendship. I dot understand why he's mad at me over that... his brother is the one who broke up with me. The brother asked why I don't come over and hang out anymore... him and his brother are really close and live together just them two, so I'm sure he has to know the brother won't respond to my texts.
Brother was sent to ask questions by ex
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Brother was just interested in my life
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Exes family member wants to hang out?
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