Why does he seem to like me one day and the next basically ignore me?

So this guy and I have been hanging out for a few weeks. he seemed to really like me cause when we would hang out he would hold my hand. he's invited me to the movies and to dinner with him and his friends. so obviously he likes me right? The only problem is that the other night we were texting and it would take him 10-15 min to respond which it never does and then he just stopped responding. then the next day he basically ignored me. what does that mean? a friend of mine said that he would still likes me he's just trying not to show it. but that doesn't make sense because he's already shown that he likes me so why would he try to hide it now?


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  • Guys are weird.

    Could he have been doing something (or someone) else?

    Be patient. Time wounds all heels, ... or something like that...

    Here's a quote that may be force-fitted to your situation:

    Do not ascribe to malice that which can be attributed to incompetence.

    - Napoleon Bonaparte


    • Awesome quote lol... so basically he's not an asshole, he's simply a dumbass! lmao ;-D

  • He is playing games or he just doesn't like you


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