Why do guy friends who have crushes on their female friend fail to make a move?

I've been talking to this boy I know for quite some time now. We have grown quite close from the time we began talking. We talk on the phone everyday and night, sometimes longer then me and my boyfriend. We are definitely attracted to each other and flirt all the time. At one point, we were discussing dating (when I was single) but then I discovered he had a girlfriend of which he had been on and off with for some time. At that point, I cut him off and was furious that he had lied to me, esp. because I was beginning to gain feelings for him. Recently, he came back in my life and we decided to be close friends. He's single and I'm happily taken. We still flirt, and on numerous occasions, he has expressed his jealousy of my boyfriend. We tell each other that we "Love" one another before we hang up and he constantly refers to me as his "Boo". I am happy with my current boyfriend and make it a point to constantly remind my friend that he is exactly that, a friend and I love him as such. But I cannot deny that I may love him as more than that and I have an idea that he feels the same. He claims he wants another chance at me but failed to make a move during a 2 week period where me and my boyfriend had broken up. What should I do.?


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  • Because they're shy.


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