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Went up to LA for the weekend, got the number of the girl I was eying the whole night, now what ?

So on Saturday I went up to LA to view one of my favorite Dj's spin at club Circus. It was a much needed night out of with my friends and I just wanted to take it easy until a fiery brunette caught my eye. To be honest, she was the only one there that I was afraid to talk to. After finally mustering up enough courage and seeing her later that night, I started dancing beside her in front of the dj booth and complemented her dancing. After some small talk and some mild flirting I found out that we are both from the same European country. (Score)

Throughout the night I had to keep much of the conversation going because she was focusing on the dj set. Then she finally came up close to me and asked to pretend to be her boyfriend in case some dudes next to us come and hit on her.I nodded and inside felt like a million bucks. About a few minutes later her friends go and use the bathroom and I go reunite with my group.

The whole night I was wondering if she was just trying to blow me off but then about 15 minutes later I see her back with her friends in a different portion of the dance floor. By this time it was already 3 a.m. and we were growing tired. I finally decided to just go up there and since it was too loud to directly tell her, I wrote in my phone that I had to leave and would like her number. She nodded and gave a very cute smile and put her number and name on the same text message line. We shared a hug and for the rest of the night I felt like I was on cloud 9.

I was so excited I texted her that night saying merely "It was nice to meet you, goodnight". Went to sleep because it was 4 by this time and woke up, no text back ... Now I write to you around 24 hours since I first texted and no text back. wtF?

What should I do ? She has a long beach area code so she is about 1 1/2 hours away from me but honestly ... this girl is worth it. What is the classic textbook thing to do in a situation like this because I definitely want to see her again. She is somebody I'd want to take my time with because I just felt this indescribable vibe. It wasn't lust, it was like an excited comfort.

Thanks guys.
Went up to LA for the weekend, got the number of the girl I was eying the whole night, now what ?
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