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I still love him. Is he still interested, or am I kidding myself? What do I do? How can I move on?

It was near the end of October; a guy that I've never spoken to before comes up to me after class ended (we had the same one together) and asks me out. I said okay, and that it may not work out, which he understood. By mid-November, I was genuinely in love with him. I never felt such a strong feeling in my life. Every night before I fell asleep, I told myself how lucky I was.

December. He invited me over to his house to celebrate Hanukkah (his family is Jewish). So I went, celebrated, and had a great time. So I felt it was right to invite him over to celebrate Christmas with my family (my family follows no religion). He arrived in the afternoon, gave me a gift card for a video game store, and I gave him Super Mario Galaxy (keep in mind: he and I are both gamers).

January. The end of the first semester, and exams. The last Saturday of the month we were both at a friend's place to celebrate the birthday of another friend. As the movie was getting set up, I noticed my boyfriend was sitting in a chair on the other side of the room. Strange, he always sat beside me. So I call him over, and he sits on the ground in front of me.

February. The exams were over, and second semester began. On the 5th, he broke up with me. I was in a ton of shock, so I just said "Okay" and walked away. A couple days later, after one of my best friends asked him, he told me why: "too different". For about a month I cried myself to sleep every night. A bunch of my pet fish died during that time with no apparent cause, and then on March 7, 2008, my cat, Charmin, had to be euthanized. So by the time my 16th birthday came (March 20), I was very depressed. I had invited him (the now 'ex') over for my birthday party, but he said he had previous arrangements with a friend to play some games that night. Ah well.

Spring 2009. A friend of my ex, who had the same history class as me, asked if I liked my ex. I just said "Why would you want to know?" Sometime after he went to another guy who is best buds with my ex (also in history with me), and they whispered and looked at me. Curious, I talked to my ex on MSN sometime after. I asked for details on what he meant by "too different". He responded with "i didn't feel we connected, different interests different likes and dislikes and I wasn't enjoying lots of the things that you did and enjoyed. so if one of us had to be bored all the time while the other did their thing there's just no use". He also mentioned to "drop it and move on". (Hey, don't think I'm not trying! @_@)

Last night I went to a movie by myself. Unfortunately he was working there that night (and one of his co-workers said "(ex's name) your girlfriend is here"). I had to move around him while he was sweeping. At one point (due to habit) a person moved out from behind the corner and I looked. It was him. We both quickly looked away.

I've also caught him staring at me in chem (we have that class together).

Neither of us have been in a relationship since Feb 5/08.
+1 y
Forgot to add "2007" to the first sentence. Sorry for any confusion!
I still love him. Is he still interested, or am I kidding myself? What do I do? How can I move on?
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