He looks at me then looks away, but other times he holds eye contact?

Sometimes I notice this guy glancing at me and when I catch him, he looks away. But other times he randomly turns around (he sits in front of me at school) and gives me this intimidating stare with a straight face for like 10 seconds (its really funny and he does it on purpose - I think he's trying to make me laugh?) and then smiles. Why does he do this?

(by the way, I don't know if he's a "shy" guy or not because of this...)


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  • Ok...glancing and looking away is normal I think.

    Intimidating stare...not so much...but are you sure he's trying to be intimidating? It may be that it's the only way he's figured out how to interact with you.

    Without any other info, I assume "shy". Probably wants to have a conversation, but hasn't gotten the courage to do so yet.

    Also, shy guys don't know whether or not a girl notices them randomly glancing at her or not. We feel that as long as we are shy, no one will ever notice us, and there's the constant desire to push ourselves to do something to show that we're not shy. This may be his attempt, which would explain the alternating behaviors.

    That's my best guess. Also, he probably wasn't originally trying to be funny, but maybe now he knows that you think it's funny so he keeps doing it. Or maybe he's clueless about what you think.

    • Yeah you're right, I think the stare I thought was intimidating is the only way he's figured out how to interact with me.

      He also does things like make fun of me with his friends (but always look at me afterwards and laughs. I also laugh too because I don't really care lol), he takes my stuff away from me and I have to go after him to get them back, and the whole staring situation. He also says things like "you suck" while staring at me, so its kinda hard to tell if he likes me or not...

    • Yeah, I remember guys and girls like that too. Sounds like he's not completely shy, but he's not confident either. If his teasing becomes too annoying, you should do something though.

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