Why is he hurting me!?!? is he playing games with me!?! I want him back!!

so my ex broke up with me. at first I was all desperately going back to him. then I left it all alone and he came to me after a while and said he missed me and wanted to talk so I agreed of course I played hard to get and I never told him I missed him too but then it got to my head cause he wouldn't text not call and I started telling him what was going on why he hadn't text me nor called me and he said he had been busy studying and taking an SAT test. and then 2 days after that he didn't text me again. so I text him I asked him again and I told him to stop playing games with me and he completely blew me off and didn't text me back. what do I do? I miss him! I want him back but how can I get him back. how!? what should I do!? what is he thinking!?!? why did he lie to me!?!?!


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  • I think you might still be desperate to get back with him, even though you're not showing it as much as you were. Why did he break up with you in the first place? How long were you two going out for? What did he want to talk about when you two started talking again?

    I think he might be playing you a bit (a bit how like you are with not letting him know how you really feel). That's alright, because neither of you want to look vulnerable in front of the other. It might be just stress and stuff that's getting to him, but if it's how I'm seeing it from what you're giving me, I'm not sure it would be a good idea to continue pursuing this relationship.

    The lying part: Honestly, I think he just wants to ignore this whole ordeal and blow it off just like he has in the past. This is why he's not responding. He doesn't want to deal with this situation, so he decides to run from it rather than work on it with you.

    I'm sorry dear, I just don't think this is right for you. You'll end up getting more hurt along the way if you continue to go on this route with this guy. Learn from this situation, and move on. Although it might hurt at first, it'll save you many more tears in the future. Best of luck.


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  • sigh, I'm not sure what to say.. I'm in a similar predicament.. I wish I could give you an answer because I know how you feel.