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Are guys around the age of 24-26 attracted to 16-18 year old girls?

Hey, I'm 17 years old and a junior in high school. I am on the lacrosse team and I have had a thing for my coach since I started attending the school. He and I have a very close relationship and I wonder if he feels the same way. He's very touchy (not in like a weird way), i will like show him something on my phone and he always feels the need to touch my entire hand unncessarily for a little while he is looking at a picture on my phone or something and he is always trying to make me laugh and impress me. Whenever he is telling a story to the entire team he is only making eye contact with me as if I am the only one there. He likes to joke around with me a lot and sort of make fun of like my music taste and stuff but its so cute and funny when he does it. He has called me pretty before and he gives compliments about my achievements a lot. He also doesn't work at the school, he is just a coach and sometimes he will show up to my lunch when he has like no reason to be there. Considering that he is my coach, I wouldn't want to risk him losing his job so I don't do anything about it, also he is a good Christian guy and im a good christian girl and we wouldn't do anything anyways. I keep it very lowkey like one time we were riding in this golf cart together when we were on this school's campus and i squeezed right next to him and our legs were touching the entire ride. i know its so lame but its a big deal for me since we can't do anything. I really feel like the feeling is mutual but i dont know, do all guys act like this?
Is it normal to be attracted to a 17 year old girl as a 26 year old? If he is attracted to me, do you think he is ashamed of it? Do you all think that he is into me?
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Are guys around the age of 24-26 attracted to 16-18 year old girls?
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