Totally embarrassed myself, now he's avoiding me - guys, what would you think if you were him?

This guy liked me and used to flirt with me, but he thought I wasn't interested so he gave up and doesn't talk to me anymore. Now we both completely ignore each other and act like strangers. I did and do like him, I just got nervous and clammed up.

Anyway a few days ago at school it was just him and me in the halls, walking towards each other, and he was like 8 feet away from me then I got nervous and did that really awkward jerky thing where you're trying to go like 5 different directions at once. He noticed, it was REALLY obvious.

Previously I'd run into him a lot on the way to class, too much to be coincidence. The last few days (since the "incident") I haven't see him at all, but I know he's been at school... so it's like he's avoiding me.

What do you think is he thinking? That I don't like him or I'm desperate to get away from him or there's something wrong with him?

(Keep in mind that he gave up on me because he thought I wasn't interested, and until this incident we both acted like we didn't know each other)


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  • Focus more on why you clammed up and not this guy. So he liked you, guys like girls everyday, it doesn't mean it always goes some place