Why do girls my age seem rude?

My friend says hi to everyone and most girls can't even mutter a hey back

its really off putting, and makes wanting to break the ice harder.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I don't think it's rudeness.
    Humans are solipsistic people. We've all got our own worlds to keep up with, even if we don't look busy. A girl he might've said hi to could've been thinking about something important, or looking at something, or just plain not in the mood to talk. Don't take it personal.

    • they don't ever seem in the mood for anything...

Most Helpful Guy

  • Those girls are in the sexual prime of their life and have literally unlimited options of men to choose from. They can pretty much get almost whatever they want if they're hot


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What Girls Said 1

  • I notice that you said "your friend" and not yourself. Is there more to this story that you could expand on?

    • yea this happens to my friend and he's not even trying to be flirtatious.

      it puts me off because what if I want to talk to a girl in a flirtatious matter and she reacts even worse?

    • well maybe your friend is socially awkward? Does he have a reputation for being strange or anything like that?

    • no he's a good guy, good sense of humor etc. besides all he's saying is : how are you doing? or hello

What Guys Said 1

  • they think there better than men don't blame them society has built them this way


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