Guys with a girlfriend: "I just can't resist you"?

I get this all the time.. and I mean all the time. there's nothing special about me, I wouldn't consider myself even very attractive, i'm not slutty, i'm not even very outgoing. But every guy I'm friends with who has a girlfriend, even if i've recently just met the guy, says the same thing.

They say they want me, they just can't resist me, they tell me its only me theyre saying this to etc

What is it guys? do you say this to all girls in the hope they think " ahh i'm special " and go with it?


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  • No, I don't but then I never tell anyone that sort of thing. However I do know what you mean and it does feel strange and uncomfortable. They start saying I never knew you was this cool or you was this funny. I've known lots of friends who's girl friends would start liking me big time. It's a barrier I will not cross but they don't know that until they've actually made a move. I can appreciate the attention but I don't mess with friends relationships.

  • You might seem down and friendly.

    Or, you might have a genuinely good/attractive personality. I dunno girls never take me serious if I'm playing it cool or repeatedly telling them I like them. What the funk is the deal. y'all must assume certain personalities are undatable. I'm 5 8 and socially honest and candid. Prefer 1 on 1 conversations or very small groups. Don't mind crowds, not necessarily for convo but I'll wander around and entertain myself. I'm black if that maters.. sadly I know it does.

  • You going have to include pics to answer this one


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