Girls, she shows no signs of interest what so ever?

In my head, this girl I think likes me. I'm constantly torn between thinking she does and then she doesn't. Howveer I realise it's probably in my head. I'm trying to analyze her behaviour all the time. She's older than me and sometimes she appears, quiet and shy Othertimes not so. Soemtimes she will talk and be open, other times when I try to talk to her she will just give a one word reply, and appear totally uninterested in what I'm saying. Soemtimes she doesn't even look at me. Soemtimes she fidgets with her ponytail or scratch her ear or nose when I approach her. Sometimes she can come across as very serious and cold. When I talk about her to other guys they say I don't stand a chance with her. I guess I like her because she's very lovely and polite, she extremly polite in fact, always saying thankyou. This is like myself. Yet she very very rarely initiates any kind of conversation with me. I take it these are negative signs from her? How can I get over her? I feel stupid that I put so much thinking into a girl who clearly has no interest?


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  • Then move on.


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